Gain 360° visibility of all your external assets

The most complete asset discovery solution on the market today

Integration with many comercial data sources you don't have to pay for

SecApps Scout provides a 360° visibility of all your external assets, such as domains, IP addresses, ports, services, and web applications. With Scout, you can build up and continuously manage your asset catalog without the need to set up many specialist tools, configure support infrastructure, aggregate reports and keep everyone informed via the most appropriate communication channels.

SecApps Scout was designed to help stay ahead of cybercriminals by automatically identifying the weakest links in public IT assets with built-in support for automatic change detection and additional tools for filtering, sorting, categorizing, and re-testing the aggregated results. In addition, Scout is fully integrated with the rest of the SecApps tools, enabling a seamless transition from one task to another.

Scout | Issues Screen

Your Scout instances keep you and your team up to-to-date with automatic summary emails and slack messages sent upon task completion. It has never been easier to get a personal 24/7 security monitoring infrastructure ready to operate at any scale under any conditions. When new resources are identified, quickly check the automatically collected screenshots for visual inspection.

Scout | Application Screen

Scout uses the same intelligence gathering techniques an actual attacker would use but do so in a fully automated fashion backed by large clusters of computing resources and vast attack data sets. The aggregated data is analyzed and filtered using proven data models and presented to you for final review.

Scout | Data Screen


  • The most complete asset discovery tool available today
  • Cost-effective target recon technology
  • Follows the latest trends used by bug-bounty hunters
  • Detect common vulnerabilities, old and vulnerable software version, and more
  • Extract known emails and find leaked passwords
  • Battle-tested with countless real-world targets
  • Continuously updated with new capabilities and features
  • Scheduling capabilities


  • Specifically designed for medium and large Enterprises
  • All Tools, Services, and Plans
  • Single Sign-On Integration, Single Tenant
  • Dedicated Support, Custom Integrations
  • Annual or Monthly, Fixed-cost Billing