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We believe that access to cutting-edge security tools and services is not an optionality. It is a necessity. This is why we created SecApps, an agile application platform designed to help organizations tackle the ever-changing landscape of information security challenges.

What's Possible

The SecApps platform helps security and developer teams deliver impressive results with the help of an easy to use, cutting-edge, collaborative toolkit that supports numerious business use-cases and technical workflows.

Penetration Testing & Forensics

Perform internal and external penetration tests with cutting-edge security tools in your browser.

Asset Monitoring

The only solution which helps you onboard and continiously support developer activities.

Vendor Due Diligence

Identify 3rd-party risk and mitigate supply chain attacks at scale.

Security Monitoring

Enumeration of external resources at scale for security monitoring and compliance.

Asset Management

Build and manage your asset catalog effortlessly with cost-effective tools.

How It Works

SecApps enhances your individual and team capabilities to detect, investigate and mitigate threats and vulnerabilities using a growing set of auxiliary tools, services, and feathers fit for a diverse set of tasks and operational workflows.

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Work individually or in a group. Create your own teams and invite members to collaborate.

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From free to monthly subscription plans and enterprise packages, we have you covered.

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Work directly from your default browser or your desktop and servers.


Invite members, share files and access resources backed by granular permissions.

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Get dedicated support agents to work with you to solve your show and long-term challenges.

What's Included

An ever-growing collection of information security tools and services with continuously expanding professional feature-set.

SecApps Ultimate

All tools and services you will ever need for your security teams and developers.

SecApps Suite

Penetration testing and incident response tools which run directly from your browser.

SecApps Scout

Asset discovery and change monitoring across the entire public estate.

SecApps Devcore

Public repository monitoring, developer and package discovery and secrets leak detection.

SecApps Lookout

Automated web security testing, scanning and change detection for web apps and APIs.

World's Brands

You are in a good company. SecApps tools and services are proudly used by some of the world's most well-known companies and organisations.

The power of a simple to use, well-designed tool is invaluable to penetration testers. What SecApps has achieved is developing a suite of tools that help analysts discover common security flaws without the need for learning a new tool in the process.
Daniel Cuthbert / @dcuthbert
Global Head of Security Research
I've been a long time user of the SecApps product line. The web based tool suite rivals any commercial offering I have seen and has a pricing plan that is friendly to consultants.
David Maynor / @dave_maynor
Threat & Vulnerability Researcher
SecApps has brought about a new paradigm in the infosec tools arena. Its innovative cloud model has been a game changer. Put simply, SecApps has done for security testing tools what Netflix did for home entertainment.
Adrian Pastor / @pagvac
Security Researcher, Speaker