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Jump-start offensive and defensive cyber capabilities with the help of an evergrowing arsenal of purpose-built security tooling.

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Our Vision

We believe that access to a diverse set of security tools and services is not optional. It is a necessity. This is why we have created SecApps, a cloud platform designed to help organizations tackle the changing landscape of information security challenges.

What's Included

An evergrowing collection of information security tools and services with a continuously expanding professional features and a world-class customer support.

Domain enumeration, asset discovery, risk assessment and change monitoring service

Code repository monitoring, developer and package discovery and secrets leak detection

Automated web security testing, scanning and change detection for web apps and APIs

Graph-based information gathering (OSINT) and target reconnaissance framework

Cutting-edge web penetration testing tools that run directly from your browser

The easiest and cheapest solution to start your own bug bounty program

Auxilary security tools and services for all problems and every-day situations

World's Brands

You are in a good company. SecApps' tools and services are proudly used by some of the world's most well-known companies and organisations worldwide.

The power of a simple to use, well-designed tool is invaluable to penetration testers. What SecApps has achieved is developing a suite of tools that help analysts discover common security flaws without the need for learning a new tool in the process.
Daniel Cuthbert / @dcuthbert
Global Head of Security Research
I've been a long time user of the SecApps product line. The web based tool suite rivals any commercial offering I have seen and has a pricing plan that is friendly to consultants.
David Maynor / @dave_maynor
Threat & Vulnerability Researcher
SecApps has brought about a new paradigm in the infosec tools arena. Its innovative cloud model has been a game changer. Put simply, SecApps has done for security testing tools what Netflix did for home entertainment.
Adrian Pastor / @pagvac
Security Researcher, Speaker