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Security Is A Process, Not A Destination

SecApps gives you all security tools you will ever need right within your browser.

All these tools just a click away.

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How does it work

Using our revolutionary security testing engine, we provide a suite of tools that run directly from your browser, just like desktop tools but better. No intermediate servers are involved. You can even test your local virtual machines.

More tools equal better results

We've got a ton of tools. The more security tools you throw at your networks and applications the higher the chance to find vulnerabilities. It is as simple as that. At SecApps all the tools you will ever need are just a click away.

Empower your business

Give your engineers, developers and QA the best tools money can buy and make them part of the security process (Secure Development Lifecycle). Now they can keep your networks and applications secure all the time.

The power of a simple to use, well-designed tool is invaluable to penetration testers. What SecApps has achieved is developing a suite of tools that help analysts discover common security flaws without the need for learning a new tool in the process.


Daniel Cuthbert ~ @dcuthbert

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