Bug Bounty Program Support

Identify all critical assets and discover your threat landscape

Minimise costs associated with your bug bounty programs by finding all low-hanging fruits first.

bug bounty program cost can be prohibitive, especially for young companies

Bug bounties are a cost-effective way to help improve the security of your web applications and network infrastructure. While a successful bug bounty program can typically cost from $20,000 to several millions per year, bounty rewards are only issued to researchers who can demonstrate that they have found a security vulnerability and are able to reproduce it in a live environment. The return of investment is many times larger if the lessons learned and the technological knowhow from the bounty submissions are incorporated into the overall security strategy and current and future technological capabilities.

Though, for many organisations, bug bounty program cost can be prohibitive, especially for young companies, such as startups. This is where SecApps Scout and Devcore come into play. With Scout and Devcore, organisations can monitor all of their applications and networks simultaneously, discovering all potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses in advance before bounty hunters do, thus substantially reducing the cost of any program. It is your bug bounty companion tool.

take advantage of the upside from participating, covering for any downsides

SecApps Scout is an effective solution that helps you teams discover and catalogue all your external assets, from domain names, to web applications, IP addresses, ports, ,screenshots, emails, source code repositories, leaked passwords, secrets and much more. All resources are available for inspection using SecApps tools. Test snapshots can be compared and difference highlighted as well as the data exported in various types of formats from JSON, XML and CSV to graph-base document format ready to be imported in graphing tools including SecApps Recon.

SecApps Devcore is one and only solution for discovering all your developer assets, such as repositories, modules, packages and doing security assessment on all of them simultaneously. Devcore goes into extreme depths to discover even developer assets that belong to your developers, significantly reducing the risk of supply-chain attacks, which is also an effective method used by Bug Bounty Hunters.

By teaming the SecApps tools and services with your bug bounty program, you can take advantage of the upside from participating in a public vulnerability disclosure program with good incentives while covering for any downsides, such as increased cost, with the help of cost-effective security tools and solutions.