Bug Bounty Program Support

Identify all critical assets and discover your threat landscape

Minimise costs associated with your bug bounty programs by finding all low-hanging fruits first.


High barrier for entry

Running a bug bounty program can be cost-prohibitive for many organizations, especially for startups.

Control The Field

With Scout, Devcore, and Lookout, organizations can simultaneously monitor all applications and networks, discovering potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses in advance before bounty hunters do.

Your Own Bug Bounty Program

SecApps BountyPage helps you set up and publish your bug bounty program. With BountyPage, you can build your program scope, configure the types of vulnerabilities you want and publish the program on your website.

Triage and Review

All submissions are available for review on SecApps Triage - a vulnerability management solution. Triage will help you identify the risk, suggest remediation, and more than anything, help you gauge if the submission is worth your attention. Finally, you can even receive vulnerability reports to Slack, Zendesk, and email.


Cost-effective security tools and solutions

Take advantage of the upside from participating in a public vulnerability disclosure program while covering for any downsides

Products used

1 / Improve Visability

Discover and catalog all your external assets, from domain names to web applications, IP addresses, ports, screenshots, emails, source code repositories, leaked passwords and secrets.

2 / Reduce Supply-chain Attacks

Discovere developer assets, such as repositories, modules, packages, and doing security assessment all of them simultaneously.

3 / Enlarge The Target Area

An automated web application security solution that can operate as a targeted security scanner or a wide-area vulnerability discovery tool. Find critical vulnerabilities at scale without knowing the complete list of targets in advance.

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