Vendor Due Diligence

Commercial relationships between business and 3rd-parties often require the exchange of sensitive information such as employee and customer details, access to the company's network and generally access to otherwise well-guarded IT assets. As a result, there is an inherent risk in the 3rd-party services as they create a venue of attack against the company's data and internal networks.

A crucial element of managing 3rd-party risk is the assessment of the 3rd-party's security posture. This is part of the vendor due-diligence process. During this stage, the 3rd-party is evaluated in terms of their ability to protect company's data, guard access to the company's network, use of best security practices and ability to handle cyber attacks and incidence response.

SecApps Scout offers a unique solution to support the vendor due diligence process using data science and automation. SecAps Scout passively fingerprints (non-invasive scan) the target organization providing a deep level of insight of the 3rd-party security operations.

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