Cloud Security Monitoring

Cloud discovery and monitoring solution at your fingertips

Continuously monitor and identify all your cloud assets for better visibility and security.

Effective cloud security is not just about having a high level compliance

Securing cloud deployments can be a challenging task because new resources can be provisioned or existing resources changed in a matter of seconds, thus opening opportunities for attackers to get in. Without appropriate monitoring processes in place, it is relatively easy to make costly mistakes.

SecApps Scout offers a transparent and fully automated cloud discovery and recon solution. With SecApps Scout, you can automatically detect changes in your cloud infrastructure and as a result, mitigate potentially disastrous data-breaches before they occur. All applications, services, IP addresses and ports are constantly monitored, and feedback is sent back to your team for assessment.

With Scout, you can ensure you longer face the same problems over and over again, such as misconfigured cloud buckets, missing application headers, outdated software, internal applications mistakenly exposed externally and more. Scout also goes a level deeper to discover previously leaked passwords and developer resources such as code-repositories and code snippets associated with your employees.

Effective cloud security is not just about having high-level compliance with best-practice guides and benchmarks. It is also about hard technical controls that can only be tested with actual attack simulations and SecApps scout. With its state-of-the-art, passive information gathering engine is the tool of choice of enterprises large and small.