Gain 360° visibility of all your external assets. A cutting-edge reconnaissance engine and ML-powered mapping algorithms.

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How it works

Setup, Execute, Analyse

Automatically identify the weakest links in public assets with the help of cutting-edge graph reconnaissance engine and ML-powered mapping algorithms to reduce the noise.


Identifying the weakest links

SecApps Scout is designed to help stay ahead of cybercriminals by automatically identifying the weakest links in public assets with built-in support for automatic change detection and additional tools for filtering, sorting, categorizing, and re-testing the aggregated results.

Why Scout

Get ahead of cyber criminals

Don’t let access to low-quality data sources affect your security posture. Be the first to know when things don't go as expected.


The most complete asset discovery tool available today.

Pay as you go

Cost-effective, on-demand target recon technology.

Always ahead

Follows the latest trends used by bug-bounty hunters and vulnerability researchers.

Diverse data sources

Aggregates data from the best data sources so you don't have to.

Vulnerability detection

Passive identification of known vulnerabilities


Continuously improved with countless real-world targets.

The future of reconnaissance is now


Discovery modules


Targets & Assets


Execution snapshots

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SecApps Scout?

SecApps Scout is an automated public assets discovery service specifically designed to help you enumerate domains, IP address, ports, services, web applications and common security vulnerabilities across the Internet (public infrastructure). SecApps Scout can be configured to continuously monitor changes, automatically identify potential weaknesses and notify when security regressions occur.

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