A holistic view across multiple targets. Domain-wide web application security scanning at its best.

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How it works

A holistic view across multiple targets

SecApps Lookout is an automated web application security testing solution suitable for targeted and wide-area web security scanning. Provide the application URLs or domain names to scan and let Lookout do the rest.


60+ vulnerability classes

The Lookout scanner can detect a wide range of security vulnerabilities from SQL Injection, Command Injection and Cross-site Scripting, host header injection, server and application misconfigurations and much more.

Why Lookout

Web application security solution for every job

Lookout is backed by a custom web security scanning technology that packs years of Research & Development investments. Benefit from scanning technology that is not available in any other shape and form.

60+ vulnerability classes

Vulnerability classes such as SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting and others


Suitable for bug bounty hunting, continuous monitoring, pentesting and more


Notify team members when scans are completed for a timely analysis

Smart comparison

Built-in mechanism to compare results with previous scans

Easily manageable

Automatically curates a vulnerability catalogue


Data can be sent to internal and 3rd-party systems

Web application security testing at inifinite scale


Testing modules


Generic vulnerability classes


Execution snapshots

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SecApps Lookout?

SecApps Lookout is an automated web application security scanning solution for continuous vulnerability assessments, monitoring and bug bounty hunting.

What can I do with SecApps Lookout?
Who are the main users of SecApps Lookout?
What kind of output I can get with SecApps Lookout that I could not get with any other solution?

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