Change Control Management

Change Control Management is a quality control gate to ensure that changes to products and systems are controlled and coordinated. Change Control Management reduces the possibility of introducing faults in your products and systems and it helps minimize the need to perform unnecessary changes without forethought.

While Change Control Management is an excellent safeguard against all kinds of potential problems, it is often easily bypassed, sometimes unintentionally, especially in large organizations. Therefore it is essential to create safeguards that detect when a change occurs especially when it sits outside of the existing Change Control process.

SecApps Scout can prove to be a useful utility at discovering and reporting changes in your public infrastructure, therefore, safeguarding against unsupervised change that could lead to unstable systems and even security vulnerabilities. Daily reports can be sent to an email address of your choice and your slack channel. Depending on the change, your team can flag deviations from the current Change Plan and thus mitigating issues before they occur.