Security Monitoring

Any type of organization requires some form of monitoring. Adequate security monitoring will help you identify bad security practices, accidental changes that could lead to security breaches and much more.

SecApps Scout helps you by continuously monitor your public-facing IT assets (domains, IP addresses, ports, web apps, etc) and report on interesting results and changes in those assets that could lead to a security compromise. The scouts employ the exact same techniques used by attackers to fingerprint their targets but doing so in a fully automated fashion at scale.

For example, imagine that your marketing team has launched a new micro-site for an upcoming campaign. Unfortunately, the micro-site did not go through the formal security approval process and thus it has been released to the wider public without any vetting or approval. The site contains a vulnerability, thus it can be exploited by opportunistic attackers.

Luckily, you have configured SecApps Scout to perform a daily sweep of you your public assets. The domain name change was quickly identified by your scout and reported via email and on your slack channel as an event which requires urgent investigation. The scout also passively detected low-hanging vulnerabilities in the configuration of the new micro-site which is a sign that this could be an interesting target.

In summary, the micro-site was identified during the daily sweep. Your security team was notified as soon as the change was detected and the vulnerability mitigated without further damage.

Such ad-hoc security practices have been hard to achieve at a reasonable cost. No more. SecApps scout helps you standup your 24/7 security monitoring process at a minimal cost that can scale with your changing requirements.