Asset Management

One of the key challenges in IT operations is to build and continuously maintain an up-to-date IT asset catalog. The catalog is used to identify critical system, it helps form the overall IT strategy, it is often used for scoping exercises for penetration tests and other types of activities. Unfortunately, building and maintaining an adequate asset catalog is a hard and error-prone process, therefore many organizations simply give up putting in the necessary resources.

SecApps Scout helps automate building your assets catalog for publicly accessible systems and resources. SecApps Scout will identify all domains, sub-domains, ports, web apps and even try to find vulnerabilities. External discovery jobs can be configured to run periodically and notify you when change is detected. Data can be exported in a multitude of formats including XML, JSON, CSV, and BSON, easy to import in many types of systems or even scripting with basic command-line tools. Furthermore, SecApps Scout will produce a complete dependency graph of all discovered resources which can be further analyzed using popular graph-theory techniques and algorithms.