Who are we?

Websecurify is an information security start-up based in London. With our small but ambitious team, we believe that we can have an impact on the security sector by giving the right tools to everyone with either professional or personal interest in the field.

What is secapps.com?

The secapps.com is a part of Websecurify and contains our collection of online and offline information security tools and services. With our toolkit, you can perform a wide-range of security tasks quickly and effortlessly right from your own browser. Don't be fooled. These tools are not like the traditional SaaS tools you may know. We also offer a number of desktop and server tools too.

Who are these tools for?

If you are responsible for security operations, you are a developer, system administrator, penetration tester, security researcher or you are an enterprise concerned about your security, you have come to the right place. These tools are made for you.

Who is already using these tools?

Our suite is used by many professionals in their daily jobs. The likes include David Maynor - Security Researcher at Talos, Daniel Cuthbert, Global Head of Security Research and Co-author of the OWASP ASVS standard, Bank of America, Shutterstock and many more.

Is it free?

We offer some free tools and some tools which are available as service. Most core features are 100% free as long as you don't use the tools for commercial use. We have tried to make it affordable so that everyone can use secapps.com. If you are ready to upgrade, we have some powerful pro-features ready for you.

How are you better than the competition?

Our online tools run inside your browser for accessibility and security reasons and with very little interaction with our servers. Privileged functionalities are leveraged by our browser extension. This means that unlike other web-based security testing technologies you can use our toolkit to test anything without any networking restrictions and certainly without setting up proxies or making other annoying changes. We made sure all our tools not only come on par with known competitors but also exceed in terms of features and performance. You can see that for yourself.