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Triage Workflow Improvements

SecApps Triage helps categorise and remediate vulnerabilities aggregated from various sources such as a bug bounty program (SecApps Bountypage) or our automated security testing tools (Secapps Scout, Devcore and Lookout). With the latest update, you can now filter all vulnerability reports by severity and group by title, asset and even action.

The new filter and grouping options are available directly from the main screen allowing for a quick application when dealing with thousands of vulnerability reports. Previously you had to go through each vulnerability one by one. With these new features, it is now possible to remediate many vulnerabilities in a few simple steps.

The latest release also comes with enhanced statistics and usage reports. SecApps Triage is the first tool to implement our new Big Data architecture. This will be further developed as more of our tools are integrated into our system.

To find out more about SecApps Triage, check out our demo at https://secapps.com/tools/triage/ or sign up for a free trial.

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