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Billing Dashboard Improvements

The new SecApps Billing dashboard is out. The improved version of the old dashboard provides several vital improvements.

  1. We have fixed several navigation issues - now all billing screens show together, which allow you to see all critical information at all times.
  2. We have introduced additional confirmation messages. These messages are there is to ensure that our users have the correct information to make the right decisions when creating and cancelling subscriptions.
  3. All the upcoming invoices are now consolidated with breakdown spent, future spent and account balance clearly outlined.
  4. The new credit card screen accepts additional information to ensure that transactions are processed as smoothly as possible.
  5. We have allocated more screen estate to the plan selection window.
  6. The invoices are now sorted in the correct order. Most recent invoices appear first.

This version also includes several stability improvements.

New Billing Dashboard

New Billing Card Screen

New Billing Plans Screen

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