Triage is the perfect way to manage vulnerabilities and alerts at scale, with the added benefits of reducing risk, improving team communication, and reducing vulnerability remediation time.

Triage helps you collect, analyze and remediate vulnerabilities sourced manually or with SecApps integrated and externals tools, such as Scout, Devcore, Lookout, BountyPage, Semgrep and many others. With Triage, you can be sure that no stone is left unturned and do so at scale.

Triage Main Screen

Triage helps you:

  • Source critical vulnerabilities directly from SecApps tools
  • Prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities based on the severity
  • Fix vulnerabilities directly from the Triage interface

Benefits of Triage include:

  • Reduce risk and improve security posture
  • Improve team communication, and collaboration
  • Reduce vulnerability remediation time

The Triage Dashboard displays your vulnerabilities for you and your team to see in real-time. It includes your vulnerability count, top vulnerabilities, a summary of vulnerabilities, and a list of vulnerabilities by severity. The Dashboard also shows your current remediation progress and enables you to prioritize vulnerabilities by severity. You can also access a list of vulnerabilities or drill down into a vulnerability to see its details and remediation actions.

SecApps Triage is the perfect companion for Bountypage. SecApps Bountypage and Triage help you run your private Bug Bounty or Responsible Vulnerability Disclosure Program without the need to engage with any 3rd-parties.