Create a Scout

Now that you've signed up for SecApps, you are ready to create your first Scout from the Scout management console.

NOTE You are not charged for creating scouts; you are only charged for their execution. The charges you will incur through this example are minimal (less than $1). For more information about charges see Scout Pricing.

To create a scout

  1. Sign in to SecApps Scout at

  2. Choose Add Scout from the toolbar.

  3. Choose a scout name. This is only for your own information. Each Scout has a unique identifier automatically created for you.

  4. You can optionally provide a description for your scout too.

  5. Enter a list of domain targets. This is a line delimited list of top-level domains such as For this example select a domain that you own or a domain from a popular bug-bounty program such as,, etc.

  6. Click Add to create the scout.

You have created your first Scout!