Explore Lookout Results

SecApps Lookout stores scan results in a graph representation (knowledge graph database). Each execution is a snapshot of the state of the database at the point in time of the assessment. The snapshot contains a diverse set of information, including but not limited to affected domains, URLs, status codes, screenshots, security issues and vulnerability variants.

There are two main views in each SecApps Lookout snapshot.


The report contains a summary of discovered vulnerabilities ordered by severity. Each vulnerability is described in terms of impact and likelihood. The report also includes references to external sources and details for each vulnerability variant.

The report view is exportable to several formats, including HTML, XML, JSON and CSV.


Lookout discovers a wide range of information automatically. Not all of it has a dedicated view. It is only available in the Data tab.

You will find all assets, types, structs and other relevant information in the Data tab. The Data tab is also the place to find other handy features that allow for supplementary data to be filtered and exported.