Supply Chain Attacks Mitigation

Learn how Devcore can help mitigate supply chain attacks

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Software Supply Chain Attacks affect the development and release process of software and can result in the compromise of companies and individual developers.

There are a few key ways to mitigate the risk of Supply Chain Attacks:

  • Keep your software up to date: This includes not only the operating system and applications you are using, but also the development tools and libraries. Regularly check for and apply updates to keep your development environment as secure as possible.
  • Verify the integrity of your software: Before using any software, libraries, or tools, verify that they have not been tampered with. This can be done by checking digital signatures or hashes of the files.
  • Use only trusted sources: Make sure that the software you are using comes from a trusted source. This includes both the original developer and any third-party repositories or mirrors.
  • Build your software securely: Use secure development practices when building your software. This includes using strong cryptography, properly verifying inputs, and sanitizing outputs.

These best practices apply not only to your organization code repositories but also the personal repositories that belong to your developers. This is even more important today as it is now more common for developers to have their own GitHub and GitLab accounts working on personal and other types of open source software.

Devcore helps you tackle the supply chain attacks related to your own code and the code produced by your direct and indirect code contributors. Devcore inventory all code repositories in your immediate and extended network, identify which parts of the code are from third-party sources and contributors, and monitor for changes throughout the entire supply chain.

With Devcore, you can be confident that your software is secure and up to date, that you are using only trusted code and that your contributors can be trusted.

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