Secret Leakage Detection

Devcore helps you discover leaked secrets in yours and your contributors' code repositories.

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Leaked secrets are a major security issue. They can be used to gain unauthorized access to systems and data, or to impersonate legitimate users. To help prevent secret leakage, you can use static analysis tools to scan your source code for potentially sensitive information.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using static analysis tools for secret leakage detection:

  1. Sensitive information can be stored in many places. Secrets can be stored in source code, configuration files, and even in comments or documentation.
  2. Sensitive information can be disguised. Secrets can be disguised as seemingly innocent strings, such as user IDs or email addresses.
  3. Sensitive information can be encrypted. Secrets can be encrypted, but static analysis tools can often decrypt them.
  4. False positives are common. Static analysis tools often generate false positives, so it's important to carefully review any potential leaks before taking action.
  5. Sensitive information related to your organization could be found in public code repositories belonging to your employees and contributors.

Devcore helps you to find secrets in all code repositories belonging to your organization and those belonging to your employees and immediate contributors. With Devcore you can

  • Search for secrets across all code repositories.
  • Detect secrets disguised as innocent strings.
  • Decrypt encrypted secrets.
  • Review potential leaks with confidence, knowing that false positives are unlikely.
  • Stay up to date on the latest secret leakage threats.
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