Create a Devcore

Step-by-step tutorial how to create a SecApps Devcore developer asset security testing instance

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Now that you've signed up for SecApps, you are ready to create your first Devcore instance from the Devcore management console.

NOTE You are not charged for creating Devcore instances; you are only charged for their execution. For more information about charges, see Devcore Pricing.

To create a Devcore instance

  1. Sign in to SecApps Devcore at
  2. Choose Add Devcore from the toolbar.
  3. Choose a name. This is only for your information. Each instance has a unique identifier automatically created for you.
  4. You can optionally describe your Devcore instance.
  5. Enter the target developers - i.e. github, google. This field is line delimited.
  6. Optionally enter domain names to identify additional developers. This field is line delimited.
  7. Set prefered schedule execution interval.
  8. Click Add to create the Devcore instance.
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