Create a Devcore

Now that you've signed up for SecApps, you are ready to create your first Devcore from the Devcore management console.

NOTE You are not charged for creating a Devcore; you are only charged for the execution.

To create a Devcore

  1. Sign in to SecApps Devcore at
  2. Choose Add Devcore from the toolbar.
  3. Choose a Devcore name. This is only for your own information. Each Devcore has a unique identifier automatically created for you.
  4. Give a brief description of your Devcore.
  5. Add tags to easily identify each Devcore.
  6. Enter the target organization name - i.e. github, google
  7. Enter a line-separated list of all developer nicknames that are currently in your organization.
  8. Add the channel where you would like to receive notifications.
  9. Choose how often you would like to execute this Devcore
  10. Click Add to create the Devcore.

You have created your first Devcore!