Bug Bounties

Bug Bounties are a powerful tool to complement existing efforts to secure your business & infrastructure. Bug Bounties are not a silver bullet, but they can help identify vulnerabilities in your infrastructure that would otherwise go unnoticed and be exploited by malicious actors. This allows you to make informed decisions about how to address best any vulnerabilities that are discovered.

The SecApps Triage service allows you to collect and investigate the Bug Bounty submissions. We take bounty submissions from Bountypage and evaluate them to determine two things: Are the vulnerabilities legitimate? Do they represent a real security risk? Future submissions are assessed based on your previous input and our continuous security improvements.

SecApps Triage can also ingest data from other security tools such as Scout, Devcore and Lookout. This allows you to compare your findings against the information gathered by these other tools. For example, you can easily export your Scout vulnerabilities into Triage for further analysis and triaging. Future submissions which are related to previously seen vulnerabilities are automatically flagged as duplicates.

The SecApps Triage service also provides a customized dashboard that allows you to monitor the Bug Bounty program's status. This dashboard provides a real-time view of the Bug Bounty submissions and their status.

The service can also analyze patterns across multiple Bug Bounty programs to give you a better understanding of what types of vulnerabilities are being submitted.

The SecApps Triage service is designed to help you identify the vulnerabilities most likely to be exploited by attackers. SecApps Triage can be an essential part of your security program.

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