Configure Scouts to send notifications and summary reports to any slack channel.

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You can configure Scouts to send notifications and summary reports to any slack channel. To enable this integration, you will need to install a slack app, obtain a callback URL (webhook) and configure your Scout. Let's get started.

  1. Create a channel for your Scout. You can use an existing channel, but we recommend using a specific one just for security-related notifications.


  1. Click Add an app to set up the app for the scout notifications. This action will open your default browser if you are using the Slack desktop client. Search for Incoming WebHooks app.


  1. Select Add Configuration. Make sure the right channel is selected.


  1. Click Add Incoming WebHooks Integration. You will immediately see a page with some setup instruction. Make sure to note down the Webhook URL because we will use this information to configure our Scout.


  1. Open your Scout from Click the Edit button. Paste the webhook URL you copied from the previous step and ensure that you set your preferred schedule window.

Scout Slack

Your Scout is now integrated into slack, and you will start receiving notifications for executions, changes, and other essential updates. Feel free to customize the slack integration.

SecApps Connect allow you to configure multiple notification options across many Scout instances.

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