Create a BountyPage

Step-by-step tutorial how to create a SecApps BountyPage bug bounty program.

  • bug bounty
  • responsible disclosure

Now that you've signed up for SecApps, you are ready to create your first BountyPage instance from the BountyPage management console.

NOTE You are not charged for creating and using BountyPage instances; you are subject to charges related to resources.

To create a BountyPage instance

  1. Sign in to SecApps BountyPage at
  2. Choose Add BountyPage from the toolbar.
  3. Choose a name. This is only for your information. Each instance has a unique identifier automatically created for you.
  4. You can optionally describe your BountyPage instance.
  5. Click Add to create the BountyPage instance.
  6. In the SDK tab, configure the SDK by adding the targets and selecting the options you prefer.
  7. Copy the SDK code and paste it inside the page which will host your bug bounty program.

The SDK will automatically adopt the styles of the hosted page. You may need to add additional styling to customize the look and feel of the submission form.

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