Devcore is a state of the art source code reconnaissance tool. With Devcore you can keep track of leaked secrets, passwords, and other types of common security vulnerabilities at scale.

Devcore will not only hunt for vulnerabilities in the specified targets but also all search all related resources such as developers and their source code repositories, dependencies and more.

Automatic Vulnerability Scanning

The Scanner identifies security vulnerabilities for you. It can reliably detect SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting, Command Injection, Local and remote File Includes and many types of vulnerabilities.

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Manual Security Testing

Capture requests in the browser.Replay, test and fuzz them in just a few clicks.SecApps Suite offers the best, all - in -one web security testing solution.

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3rd-Party Due Diligence

Find out how to put supply chain attacks risk management on auto-pilot with state of the art graph-based intelligence-gathering tools.

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