Web Security Security Toolkit

SecApps Suite is a browser-based web security testing toolkit made of a growing number of applications and features suitable for a diverse set of offensive and defensive activities: from automated web application security assessments to fuzzing, manual web auditing and much more.

HTTPView Main Screen

All tools run from either a standard browser, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, or a dedicated desktop application. The browser apps offer quick access to all tools significantly shortening the time needed to perform a task. The desktop tools provide additional features that are not available in the standard browsers such as network sniffing, port scanning, HTTP traffic interception and more.


The Suite contains everything for everyone. Your penetration testing teams may employ HTTPView (an advanced HTTP traffic interception tool) while developers could be interested to perform automatic scanning and request replay.


Investing in the Suite is an investment in the future. The SecApps development team is continuously adding new features on a regular basis continuously increasing the Suite capabilities. There is no other security testing tool with such a breadth and depth of features.



  • The most complete collection of online security tools to cover a wide-range of needs
  • Simple predictable pricing model designed with cost-savings in mind
  • A growing collection of auxiliary features and capabilities
  • Access to platform technologies such as personal and team-level file storage
  • Cancel subscription at any time, upgrade and renew


  • Suitable For Non-commercial Use
  • Limited Features
  • Cloud Storage

Suite Pro

  • Suitable For Commercial Use
  • Unlimited Features
  • Cloud Storage


  • All Tools, Services, and Plans
  • Suitable For Enterprises
  • Single Sign-On Integration, Single Tenant
  • Dedicated Support, Custom Integrations
  • Annual or Monthly, Fixed-cost Billing