Packet Inspection Auxiliary Tool

SecApps Packets is browser-based, offline network packet inspection tool. Using Packets allow you to quickly load, preview and inspect network packet captures (.pcap) files. For example, you might use SecApps Packets to securely share .pcap files via the team drive for ongoing and past security investigations and preview the files directly in your browser without the need for additional software.

SecApps Packets provides a single place for network capture diagnostics with support for powerful filtering, packet analysis and binary inspection capabilities.


  • Support for all modern .pcap file variations
  • Progressive loading of big network captures
  • Filtering, sorting with support for built-in filters
  • Full packet dissection with binary analysis


  • Specifically designed for medium and large Enterprises
  • All Tools, Services, and Plans
  • Single Sign-On Integration, Single Tenant
  • Dedicated Support, Custom Integrations
  • Annual or Monthly, Fixed-cost Billing