Connect SecApps to External

Connect is a central management tool and a service for connecting SecApps resources with external services such as Slack and Email. You can use Connect to configure services, such as Scout, Devcore and Lookout, to send notifications when new results are available or upon completion of a scan.

Connect is a flexible configuration tool allowing for a complex notification workflows to be configured separately. You can define connection points globally or for each specific service instance. Connect also integrates with SecApps Teams, thus connections can be specified per-team level as well.


  • Flexible notification system for all SecApps tools and Services
  • Generic and specific notification channels for email and slack
  • Per-team notification channels


  • All Tools, Services, and Plans
  • Suitable For Enterprises
  • Single Sign-On Integration
  • Single Tenant
  • Dedicated Support
  • Custom Integrations
  • Annual or Monthly, Fixed-cost Billing