Online Security Testing Suite

SecApps Suite is a cutting-edge penetration testing toolkit which runs directly from your browser.

Zero-cost Setup

The SecApps Online Suite is a powerful collection of offline security testing tools which run directly from a modern browser such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. With the toolkit you can perform all normal security tasks such as scanning for vulnerabilities, customising requests, using fuzz testing and much more but without the need to install additional software. All tools run offline without the need for any intermediate servers. It is simple, powerful and effective.

Unlimited Vulnerability Scanning

With the SecApps Scanner, you can test as many targets as you like. There are no restrictions. Simply enter the target URL and click the scan button. The report is automatically generated on the fly. All vulnerabilities like SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting, Local-file Includes are summarised and the technical details clearly outlined with actual examples. Learn more.

Advanced Auxilary Tools

The Online Suite contains some of the most customisable security testing tools you will ever use. How do we do that? Careful software engineering with attention to details. A task that could take hours to execute can be easily automated in a couple of minutes. Manual Security testing has never been easier.