SecApps Suite

Client-side tools for Security Teams and Developers.

We believe that access to cutting-edge security tools and services is not optional. It is a necessity. This is why we created SecApps, an agile application platform designed to help organizations tackle the ever-changing landscape of information security challenges.


HTTPView is an advanced HTTP traffic auditing and replay tool. It works like an HTTP proxy but unlike traditional proxies, it has swappable backends, which gives you greater flexibility and control. With the help of the [SecApps Extension](/extension), you can even intercept browser traffic without the need to install additional tools, fiddle with your system proxy settings or even deal with HTTPS certificates.

HTTPView also comes with a number of auxiliary features, such as a built-in code generator, syntax highlighter, filters, hex viewer for unknown binary payloads and built-in support for all audio, video and image media formats. You can also use HTTPView to save and restore your work. HTTPView files are easy to parse, move and share.

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Rest is an advanced HTTP request manipulation tool widely used to develop, debug and test web application and service. Rest is also extensively used for discovering vulnerabilities in penetration tests and red team exercises.

Rest comes with many auxiliary tools to help you search the response, split it into parts, surgically find information and even diff with previous requests to understand exactly what has changed. These tools come extremely handy when searching for input validation vulnerabilities.

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SecApps Fuzzer is a powerful HTTP tool which allows you to find vulnerabilities using brute-force and fuzz-testing techniques. Using the built-in permutation generators, encoders and decoders, JWT token builders and other facilities you can quickly build advanced testing utilities to quickly discover software vulnerabilities and other types of bugs.

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The Scanner is a fully-automated web application security testing technology always available from the comfort of your browser. It is bundled with countless of features to scan any web application for a variety of web application security vulnerabilities and attack techniques.

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Recon is a graph-based, state of the art information gathering and target reconnaissance tool built on top of a powerful open-source intelligence (OSINT) framework. Recon can swiftly gather intelligence and analyse for vulnerabilities on a wide range of targets, sourced from public and private databases.

Recon is powered by a graph model, which represents the data as a mesh of discreete nodes connected with edges.

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With SecApps BinView you can dissect any binary data easily from the comfort of your browser. Not only this tool will provide you with a pretty awesome HEX viewer but it will also help you unpack various types from int and float to 64bit float and more. BinView also comes with a built-in dissector to help you build structs to unpack the data into objects with support for field highlighting.

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Encoder is a utility to help you encode and decode data in various formats, build hashes of common hashing functions and do general text transformations. You can chain the output of one operation as the input of another, making complex conversion a breeze! This has the added benefit of having live previews as data changes as you type.

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What's Included


  • Suitable For Non-commercial Use
  • Limited Features
  • Cloud Storage

Suite Pro

  • Suitable For Commercial Use
  • Unlimited Features
  • Cloud Storage


  • Specifically designed for medium and large Enterprises
  • All Tools, Services, and Plans
  • Single Sign-On Integration, Single Tenant
  • Dedicated Support, Custom Integrations
  • Annual or Monthly, Fixed-cost Billing