Jump-start Cyber Security Capabilities

Advanced tools and services for Security Teams and Developers.

We believe that access to cutting-edge security tools and services is not optional. It is a necessity. This is why we created SecApps, an agile application platform designed to help organizations tackle the ever-changing landscape of information security challenges.

What's Possible

The SecApps platform helps your security and developer teams deliver consistent results with the help of an easy to use, collaborative toolkit.

Penetration Testing & Forensics

SecApps offers a growing set of security tools capable of handling any type of penetration test - from testing complex web applications and APIs to portscanning, asset enumeration and more. The SecApps tools are available directly in your browser enabling anyone to contribute to your security process.

With SecApps integrated tools you can perform a wide-rang of forensics activities, from network analysis to network packets and binary inspection.

Developer Asset Monitoring

Costly mistakes can be avoided if all developer activities, such as commits in public repositories and releases of new tools and libraries, are constantly monitored and scanned for credential leaks.

SecApps Devcore will help you take on the impossible task ensuring that no secrets are accidentally released online whether that is within your organization repositories on others belonging to past, present and future developers.

Vendor Due Diligence

SecApps offers a unique solution to support the vendor due diligence process with technical checks based on years of security research backed by data science and automation. SecAps Scout passively fingerprints (non-invasive scan) the target organization with minimal upfront setup, providing a deep level of insight into the 3rd-party security operations and vulnerability exposure.

Scout not only can help you identify the good vendors but also help you monitor continuously their security operations and provide feedback when they get it wrong.

Security Monitoring

SecApps offers a highly scalable security monitoring infrastructure for asset discovery and early vulnerability detection. You can use our automatic notification and change management capability to detect weak links in your public infrastructure before anybody else does.

SecApps is battle-tested by bug bounty hunters and continuously outperforms manual efforts.

Asset Managment

Asset management is hard but SecApps makes it easier and fully automated too. Simply commission a dedicated process to enumerate your public domains, IP address, network ports, web services, applications, common vulnerabilities and more. All changes are automatically detected, categorized and reported using the builtin communication features.

No task is too big or too small for SecApps asset monitoring tools and services.

What's Included

SecApps Ultimate is one of a kind security solution, which combines all our tools and service offerings in a single, fixed-cost package topped with dedicated support by the SecApps engineering and offensive security teams and more.

The mission of SecApps Ultimate is to help organizations be prepared for any situation at any time with the right technical capabilities and human resource.