Serialized Output

Tue Jul 17 2018 07:05:21 GMT+0000

Most of the tools are now able to export results as a serialized BSON stream (the default serialization format). Unlike the CSV and JSON, this export forms is capable of efficiently describing all captured information in great details - including the untampered binary data for the requests and responses. Furthermore, the exported format can be read and processed via cohesion command line tools, which makes it great for scripting.

CR Dev

List of Security Checks

Mon Jul 16 2018 14:55:56 GMT+0000

The cohesion command-line toolkit now comes with several built-in commands to help you understand the list of supported vulnerability checks, severity levels and attack methods.

CR Dev

Updated Fuzz Lists

Fri Jul 13 2018 15:27:46 GMT+0000

We have updated all the fuzzer lists across all applications. This means that now you can use the latest lists from DirBuster, DNSPop, FuzzDB, SecLists and many more. Try the latest lists at

CR Dev

Breaking Records

Thu Jul 11 2018 22:15:13 GMT+0000

We aim to make the best of bread web application security testing toolkit on the market and the screenshot bellow is a proof that we are on the right track. As you can see HTTPView ( will take huge amounts of data (over 100K requests) and provide you with the necessary tools to explore, sort and filter the transactions log without stutter.

Breaking Records

Product Hunt

Thu Jul 11 2018 19:12:59 GMT+0000

Although HTTPView is well known and widely used today, it occurred to us that it was never announced on Product Hunt. So we decided to correct this. Click here to upvote.

Product Hunt

Service Workers

Tue Jul 10 2018 20:50:09 GMT+0000

All online tools now come with dedicated service workers to help with caching and when you need to work offline - yes now you can use the tool even when you are completely disconnected.

Service Workers

Guide To HTTPView

Tue Jul 08 2018 18:18:59 GMT+0100

Here is a short video of how to get started with HTTPView - our in-browser HTTP recording tool which will help you when performing web application security assessments.

Chrome DevTools Theme

Tue Jul 05 2018 15:44:13 GMT+0100

We try to keep the user interface as spartan as possible because we believe that this will increase productivity and make new and existing features less obscure and easier to reason about. However, due to popular demand, we have introduced a new theme inspired by Chrome DevTools. We call it CR Dev for short. The CR Dev theme feels at home when used with Chrome as it follows the colour schemes and styles of the built-in development tools. It is very well balanced and agronomic and we are sure it will be close to the heart of all Chrome fans out there.

CR Dev

Extended Filters

Tue Jul 02 2018 18:18:59 GMT+0100

If you check HTTPView, Fuzzer, Scanner, or Unfold you will be surprised to discover our brand new extended filters feature. This new feature can be used to dynamically filter results using several matching methods and the full spectrum of supported data fields which can be applied in combination with the built-in filters. The extended filters allow for better control over the results and help you discover specific requests and responses with great precision.


Landing Text

Tue Jun 12 2018 13:53:27 GMT+0100 (BST)

We are excited to announce the latest addition to the Online Suite - a general purpose text editor. While this may not sound exciting on the surface, there are a few interesting possibilities we are very interested to see unfold. For example, Text is just a simple text editor but combined with Fiddles we have the sort of PasteBin we always wanted. Additionally, you can use the tool to save notes, readmes and other types of useful information in your personal projects or as private fiddles if you have our pro subscription.