Landing Text

Tue Jun 12 2018 13:53:27 GMT+0100 (BST)

We are excited to announce the latest addition to the Online Suite - a general purpose text editor. While this may not sound exciting on the surface, there are a few interesting possibilities we are very interested to see unfold. For example, Text is just a simple text editor but combined with Fiddles we have the sort of PasteBin we always wanted. Additionally, you can use the tool to save notes, readmes and other types of useful information in your personal projects or as private fiddles if you have our pro subscription.

BinView Improvements

Tue May 29 2018 08:29:40 GMT+0100 (BST)

We have launched an exciting new feature in BinView which allows you to navigate through all ASCII strings in a binary file, find their location and scroll them in position in the hex viewer. This feature will significantly speed up the time to reverse engineer unknown binary formats. Furthermore we have implemented several useful filters to help you search for known hash values, emails and other useful strings.

Binary Support

Wed May 23 2018 07:37:53 GMT+0100 (BST)

Starting from SecApps Extension Version 3.1.0 binary HTTP requests and responses are fully supported. This means that tools such as HTTPView are able to display the exact binary contents of pictures, audios and videos. This feature will also greatly improve interaction with binary protocols like protbuf when accessed by the builtin hex viewer.

Private Fiddles

Thu Apr 19 2018 08:09:29 GMT+0100 (BST)

SecApps Pro users now can create and share Private "Fiddles". Private Fiddles are only advertised to the people you share them with. No one else has access. With private fiddles you can significantly improve the time to investigate and respond to security vulnerabilities. Once configured your fiddle will contain all required information to reproduce the vulnerability and even re-test it on the spot. The fiddle is just a link, which means it can be shared in emails, vulnerability tracking systems, chat sessions and more.

Getting started with "Private Fiddles" is easy. If you are using the Scanner, simply click the grid button to open the issue in Rest or Fuzzer. Once the information is loaded, click the "Fiddle" button and select the "Create Private Fiddle" option. Share the link. You can also create the fiddle manually, load it directly from HTTPView and much more.

New Launchpad

Fri Apr 13 2018 11:29:12 GMT+0100 (BST)

Behold the new Launchpad. Not only you can launch all available apps but now we provide information about your recent cloud storage files and "fiddles". We have also substantially improved all profile features, subscription screens, trial management features and much more. Check it out today and let us know what you think.

The Pown Apps

Mon Jan 29 2018 08:46:13 GMT+0000 (GMT)

Together with Pown.js we are very excited to announce a new pown feature, which allows you to use the tools from the online suite directly from the pown command line. This feature enables some interesting capabilities. For example you can interface command line tools with the online suite and vice versa.

Read more about this exciting new feature on our blog.

Landing HTML Preview

Mon Nov 20 2017 18:23:46 GMT+0000 (GMT)

We just made our online suite so much more useful. Now you can easily preview HTML responses with the help of the built-in web renderer now part of all tools including Rest, Fuzzer, HTTPView and others.