Private Fiddles

Thu Apr 19 2018 08:09:29 GMT+0100 (BST)

SecApps Pro users now can create and share Private "Fiddles". Private Fiddles are only advertised to the people you share them with. No one else has access. With private fiddles you can significantly improve the time to investigate and respond to security vulnerabilities. Once configured your fiddle will contain all required information to reproduce the vulnerability and even re-test it on the spot. The fiddle is just a link, which means it can be shared in emails, vulnerability tracking systems, chat sessions and more.

Getting started with "Private Fiddles" is easy. If you are using the Scanner, simply click the grid button to open the issue in Rest or Fuzzer. Once the information is loaded, click the "Fiddle" button and select the "Create Private Fiddle" option. Share the link. You can also create the fiddle manually, load it directly from HTTPView and much more.