The most visually advanced HTTP client for web applications and services

Advanced HTTP Client | Rest

Rest is an HTTP request manipulation tool used to develop, debug and test for vulnerabilitis in web applications and services.

Key Features

  • Dynamic fields - encode, decode and transforms on the fly
  • Variables - parameterize everything
  • Support for all HTTP request types including multipart (file upload request)
  • Runs directly from your own browser - local apps and APIs are accessible
  • Request manipulation history
  • Export your request in your favorite programming language
  • Share your work with the world - Fiddles
  • Request API - send request from different geo-locations
  • Automatic issue discovery / vulnerability testing
  • Pretty-print every response
  • Browser preview of HTML content
  • Automatic extraction of links and forms
  • Diff-view - easy comparison of response boddies
  • Themes support
  • Built-in documentation and much more

More Information

Rest can be used in many different situations as documented by the following list of articles: