The most visually advanced HTTP client for web applications and services

Each part of the HTTP request is controlled by powerful builders for better automation and consistencyFlip between parameter values with easeAll HTTP transfer encoding mechanisms are supported out of the boxDynamic values are easy with the help of our powerful, builtin transformationsDefine variables and use them across all request partsPreview response bodies directly from the client using our builtin browser viewerAutomatic issue detectionUse the Request API to send requests from different locationsProvide useful insights in the builtin notes editorSave your work in projectsBuiltin integration with all SECAPPS Suite Apps

Rest is an HTTP request manipulation tool used to develop, debug and test for vulnerabilitis in web applications and services.

Key Features

  • Dynamic fields - encode, decode and transforms on the fly
  • Variables - parameterize everything
  • Support for all HTTP request types including multipart (file upload request)
  • Runs directly from your own browser - local apps and APIs are accessible
  • Request manipulation history
  • Export your request in your favorite programming language
  • Share your work with the world - Fiddles
  • Request API - send request from different geo-locations
  • Automatic issue discovery / vulnerability testing
  • Pretty-print every response
  • Browser preview of HTML content
  • Automatic extraction of links and forms
  • Diff-view - easy comparison of response boddies
  • Themes support
  • Built-in documentation and much more

More Information

Rest can be used in many different situations as documented by the following list of articles:

Even More Awesome Features

This tool includes many more awesome features you may not about.