Information gathering and target reconnaissance made easy

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Tool

Recon is a state of the art information gathering and target reconnaissance tool built on top of a powerful open-source intelligence (OSINT) framework. Recon can swiftly gather intelligence and analyse for vulnerabilities on a wide range of targets, sourced from public and private databases.

Recon is powered by a graph model, which represents the data as a mesh of discreete nodes connected with edges.

The graph can be also represented as a flat structure and semantic information extracted in a meaninful way. For example, nodes containing images are represented as a table for simplicity and better agronomics.

Diverse set of information is available for every node and additional transforms can be applied if and when necessery for further depth.

All data can be also represented as a flat table which is available in several machine-readable formats such as CSV, JSON and XML.

Recon supports a dozen of community and commercial transforms to help you discover the right piece of information. Transforms can be run directly from the tool's user interface or automated via the command-line.

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