Network port-mapping investigation tool

A Port Mapper

PortSifter is a beta tool, which allows you to load nmap output files in a table for easier preview, filtering, etc. It has some builtin filters, result highlighting and a few other features that make large scans easier to understand.

Table View

Table View is a simple view for better representation of your nmap outputs. Instead of analyzing your port maps right in your console or trying to makes of the nmap's xml output, load that output into PortSifter and enjoy the simplistic Table View with a number of added advantages such as column sorting and filtering.

Script View

Script View is where the additional nmap information from a -sC scan goes - if nmap has managed to find that a particular port run a site or even an SSL certificate that goes with it - it is all here for you to take a second look at.

PortSifter is currently under development with many new features already in the pipeline. Sign up to receive notifications when updates are available.