Performing complex data transformation in a breeze

Encoder & Decoder

Encoder is a utility to help you encode and decode data in various formats, build hashes of common hashing functions and do general text transformations. You can chain the output of one operation as the input of another, making complex conversion a breeze! This has the added benefit of having live previews as data changes as you type.

Encoding Chain

The Encoding Chain starts with a text area where you put your input to be encoded. This, also, doubles as a "Text Builder" so if you want to start with a Hashed valued, JWT Token or simply to load the contents of a file without copy-pasting you can definitely do that. And then from the dropdown below, you select from a number of different hashing, encoding and decoding functions as well as some additional transforms for convenience.

Key Transformations

  • Base64
  • UTF16LE
  • URL encoding
  • HTML entity encoding
  • Pynicode
  • Hashing (md5, sha1, sha256, etc)
  • Hexdump
  • Rot
  • JSON (plus pretty printing)
  • JWT parsing
  • C/C++, Python, Ruby code builders