Unpack and investigate binary formats from your browser.

Binary Reversing

With BinView (currently in beta) you can dissect any binary data easily from the comfort of your browser. Not only this tool will provide you with a pretty awesome HEX viewer but it will also help you unpack various types from int and float to 64bit float and more. BinView also comes with a built-in dissector to help you build structs to unpack the data into objects with support for field highlighting.

HEX Viewer

With Hex Viewer, we give you the opportunity to explore complex binary files in a user-friendly way. Offsets, Binary data, ASCII interpretation - it's all in there for you to makes sense of.

Data View

Data View allows you to interpret the currently selected byte in HEX Viewer (and the next few following it) as different data types on both Big Endian and Little Endian machines. These multiple interpretations will allow you to quickly decides which is the data type that makes most sense in the current context.

Struct Builder

After you have established what a piece of binary data means, it's a good idea to keep track of that. Meet Struct Builder - the tool that allows you to build complex objects consisting of a number of types for you to explore in a concise tree view. Neat, isn't it?


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