Advanced Web Security Proxy

Advanced Web Security Proxy | AppBandit
AppBandit is a desktop-based, web security proxy, designed to help you debug and find security vulnerabilities easily with the help of our extensive security toolkit.

Configure AppBandit to capture traffic from more than one local or remote proxy server simultaneously. You can easily bind the local proxy to as many network cards as you want on as many ports as you need. You can also use AppBandit to extract HTTP sessions directly by sniffing network traffic captured from local or remote network interfaces or PCAP files. The possibilities are endless.

AppBandit integrates many auxiliary functions so you don't have to break your train of thought by switching context or by switching to other tools. For example, access to common generators, hash functions, encoders and decoders are available on the spot. No more copy-pasting. Other tools integrated into AppBandit include the automatic issue discovery, a full-featured browser preview, diff viewer, a slice viewer, a powerful code generator, automated vulnerability discovery engine and much, much more.

At the core of AppBandit there is a powerful proxy server that never buffers. The internal proxy engine is constantly streaming, asynchronously forwarding packets from the source to the destination as quick as the OS allows. This in itself is a welcome feature especially if the proxy has to be used as system proxy on a phone or the desktop where it is expected many software products to utilise the system proxy settings. AppBandit will handle this situation without stutter, relaying the packets from one end to the other consistently with great performance.

Builtin support for numerous transport encoding and decoding mechanisms make AppBandit the most future-proof proxy around. It is crash-resistant, self-updating and deeply integrated with your host OS from the get-go.