Hack Like in The Movies

A fun social experiment that makes you look like a hacker

Why so serious? H4x0r was created as a social experiment during TNW (The Next Web) Event in Amsterdam. During the conference, we asked passers-by if they want to hack something and hand them over the keyboard. Of course, this is a confusing proposition but once they start typing they knew what it is was all about. The experiment was a huge success.

We also came up with an interesting backstory. When people asked us what we did we started by saying that we were a startup which specialises in making Hollywood hacker scenes. Years later H4x0r kind of made it into Scorpion hit show. We don't know where exactly it shows because that version of the tool allowed various types of customisations.

Today H4x0r is still used in popular media by filmmakers and hobbyists to portray the stereotypical image of a hacker.

Interesting Facts

SECAPPS has successfully tested H4x0r in the London tube to dismay commuters on their daily trip.