Getting Started

It is easy to get started with Unfold.

Open the tool and enter a target URL. This is the root from which we will start the brutefoce process. Choose the Spider, Bruteforce or both options. Unfold requires at least one of them to be enabled. Visit the Scheduler tab for additional configuration options.

Once you are happy with the setup, click "Lock target" and then "Start" to start the bruteforce process. The current task can be paused, resumed and stopped from the progress bar.

The "Tree" tab contains information about the currently discovered resources, their status code, content type and length. If you double-click on any tree item, the tool will open the associated URL in the current browser.

In the "Transactions" view you can see exactly what the tool is doing. All requests and responses are listed and available for preview, filtering and exploration. Individual transactions can be opened in other tools such as Rest and Fuzzer.