Q. What is SecApps Text?

SecApps Text is a simple online editor with deeply integrated into SecApps features. Text helps you save and restore text files.


Q. How much does SecApps Text cost?

The app is provided to free of charge all customers. Additional subscriptions such as specific data plans may apply.


Q. How secure is my data in SecApps Scout?

SecApps takes data security very seriously, and this is why we have baked in hard security controls around your data. Your data has encryption at rest and in transit. Data is not persisted for longer than necessery. All deleted data is unrecoverable.

Q. What options do I have for encrypting data stored on SecApps Scout?

Your data is automatically encrypted with the highest possible standard. SecApps does not need to access your data except to execute your Scout instances and provide you access to read the data.

Q. Who can access my data?

You can access scout data from the Text app from your Launchpad.