The Concept

As developers, we all know how useful and convenient it is to define something once and use it all over again in your project. With Variables, we have reused the idea. Apart from the organizational benefits, having a single source of truth allows for quicker edits, too.

Complexity in Use Cases. Simplicity in Use.

The beauty of variables is that they are suitable for the simplest of cases to the most complex ones. The things you can keep inside a variable vary from single word strings to text builders containing lists with thousands of elements. It is up to you to decide what's worth putting in one.

Getting Started

Variables can be used in Fuzzer and rest. Try them out now!

  1. Open a supported app, such as rest.

  2. Go to the Variables section and define your first variables.

  3. Type 'var' in the place where you decided to use your variable and select Variable from the suggestions list.

  4. Click on the blue element and select the variable's name that you would like to use.

  5. You have just learned how to use Variables. Congrats!

About Text Builders...

Variables and Text Builders go really well when used together.