In most situations, hacking is not done at once - it requires continuous work spanning across multiple days and tools. To help you achieve your goals, we have created a place for you to store and restore your work.

To access your projects, click on the grid-like icon in the left side-panel. You are presented with a slider panel where all your projects can be found.

Project selection screen

Saving your work

Once you have made changes, you are able to save your progress with the Save and Save As options. Each app's state is saved as a single file in the currently active folder, which is shown in the bottom bar. The app's name will be used as an extension to the given file name so you can easily distinguish between different project types (for example,

Multiple storage options available

From our online suite, you can save your projects onto our servers, making them accessible from wherever you are. In AppBandit, in addition to the cloud option, you have the opportunity to save your work onto the local file system, enabling you to transfer projects between computers.

For convenience, projects are organized in tree-like structure, resembling your local file system. Drag and drop, new folders and deletion of files and folders are available so you can easily organize your projects the way you want them to be.

Getting Started

You can save your progress with Projects in Fuzzer, rest, HTTPView and Recon.

  1. Open an supported app, such as Recon.
  2. Make some changes that you think are worth saving.
  3. Go to Projects -> Save As.
  4. If you don't have a folder - create one, select it and click save.
  5. Your work has been saved!