Pown Apps

Web meets Native

Pown Apps is a collaboration between SecApps and Pown.js in attempt to create a native scriptable version of the online tools with which you opperate with via the terminal.


In addition to the apps running with better performance, you get great extensibility. What this means is that you can feed SecApps data that is not possible in the web environment effectively extending the use cases of the application suite.

Getting Started

Pown Apps are universal - you can launch each of our apps though Pown Apps.

  1. Download Pown Apps.

  2. Let's try something simple - add a new node to Recon:

  3. Type into the terminal: echo '{"id":"1", "label": "Hello World"}' | pown-apps apps recon.

  4. Done! You have just communicated with Recon through the console.

Want something more?

Still confused? Or just want to extend your knowledge on Pown Apps? Check out this amazing article in our blog for more detailed information on Pown Apps.