When you want to try something a bit risky, but you also want to avoid loosing your current progress - use Fork! Fork opens your current app configuration in a new tab allowing you to make changes with peace of mind. If the changes turn out great - just keep on working on the fork, if not - close the new tab and pick up where you left off.

Getting Started

Forking is straightforward. Use it in Fuzzer, rest, HTTPView and Scanner

  1. Open a supported app, such as Fuzzer, and configure the application in any way you want.
  2. Press the Fork icon.
  3. Done! You have created a fork of your app.
  4. You can do as much changes as you like without worrying about messing up your initial app state.

Friendly Advice

Use Fork every time you are doing something a bit out of the ordinary. This way, you can straight discard the newly added changes instead of spending time undoing them. Keep it simple!