Unconventionally Convenient

Traditionally, proxies allow you to intercept traffic from you local machine. Although this is the most prominent use case, what happens when you need to intercept remote traffic? Well, you just go to HTTPView's Feeds for help as it allows for multiple traffic streams at the same time!

A Helping Hand

All this is currently achieved by the Pown Now external library - learn how to use it and add as much Feeds to your traffic sniffing as you like!

Getting Started

Feeds is only available in HTTPView - give it a go now!

  1. Download Pown Now and start sniffing on specific host and port.

  2. Open HTTPView.

  3. Go to Settings -> Feeds, add ws://{host}:{port} as a Feed and give it a name. Don't forget to tick it, too.

  4. Press the dot icon to start intercepting traffic.

  5. Done! You are intercepting HTTP traffic remotely!

Still confused?

If still not entirely sure how it's done, check out this article in our blog that explains the matter in more details.