It's easy with co-pilot

In Co-pilot mode, the security scanner actively intercepts HTTP traffic between the client and the application while automatically applying all passive and active security tests. All vulnerability results are summarized in the report and also attached to individual requests and responses for maximum transparency and flexibility.

Vulnerability Report

Security vulnerabilities are available in the app report ready for your inspection. Use the filters to concentrate on most important findings. Get detailed explanation and examples how the discovered vulnerabilities work.

Getting Started

It takes a moment to start using Co-pilot in your project.

  1. Open HTTPView and setup your capturing scope.

  2. Press the record and then the play button to start the co-pilot scanner.

  3. Check the report for the vulnerability details.

Powerful Security Testing Engine

Co-pilot is powered by one of the most advanced web security testing engines available today written with performance, sane memory management and stability in mind. The testing engine covers well over 60 generic vulnerability checks from Remote Code Execution, SQL Injection, and Local File Inclusion to Cross-site Scripting, Request Forgery and much more.