Bin View

Binary Responses. Simplified.

Simple text-based viewers make sense for most of server's responses in the web, however, for binary ones - they simply don't work - after all, you can't make much sense of these hieroglyphs. Meet Bin View - a binary viewer which presents you the binary data in the most suitable way. It makes giving closer look to complex binary data a breeze with its built-in hex-editor and image viewer.

Getting Started

Bin View is available in a number of tools including HTTPView.

  1. Open a HTTPView.

  2. Intercept some traffic.

  3. Select a transaction.

  4. Use the Body tab in Response viewer to preview it - Response Viewer will automatically detect the response is binary and open Bin View for inspection.

  5. Enjoy the convenience of Bin View!

Want even more?

Use Bin View together with HTML Preview to be able to preview whole pages visually!