The Suite is composed of four unique applications: Scanner, Rest, Fuzzer and HTTPView. Each application serves a single purpose. Combined toghether they make a powerful framework for web application security testing.


The SecApps Scanner is a fully-automated web application security testing technology always available from the comfort of your browser. It is bundled with countless features to scan any web application for a variety of web application security vulnerabilities and attack scenarios.

secapps scanner


Rest is an advanced HTTP request manipulation tool widely used to develop, debug and test web applications and services. Rest is also extensively used for discovering vulnerabilities during penetration tests and red team exercises.



Fuzzer is a powerful Web testing tool, which allows you to find vulnerabilities with the help of brute-force and fuzz-testing techniques. Using the built-in permutation generators, encoders and decoders, JWT token builders and other facilities you can quickly build advanced testing utilities to quickly discover software vulnerabilities and other types of bugs.



HTTPView is an advanced HTTP traffic auditing and replay tool. It works like an HTTP proxy but unlike traditional proxies, it has swappable backends, which gives greater flexibility and control. With the help of the SecApps Extension, security and development teams can even intercept browser traffic without the need to install additional tools, fiddle with system proxy settings or even deal with HTTPS certificates.

HTTPView Code Builder