A Great Place to Start

Help sections are the perfect place for new users - they provide in-depth information about the current tool that is easy-to-understand as well as some neat tricks.

From Beginner to Advanced User

You got comfortable with the basics of SecApps? Good. But now it's time to get familiar with the advanced options in the toolset. How do you do that? Well, for one you can start with the 'From the blog' section in Help. There, you can find articles in our blog which discuss the application's non-trivial features or use the tool for real-world tasks.

Getting Started

Getting Help is easy! In fact, you can 'ask' for help in each of our apps.

  1. Open a SecApps app.

  2. Click on the question mark icon in the left panel.

  3. Choose a help section to read.

  4. You just got better at that thing you weren't sure about.

It's okay to ask

We try to make our documentation as good as possible, but some things will always going to be less clear than we want them to be. If you find yourself in a position where you need assistance and the help section does not provide it sufficiently for you - use that support button on the bottom right. In that way, we can provide personal assistance to each of you.